Rockfish Lures

Shop Our Wide Selection of Rockfish Lures

When you are planning on bringing home some halibut, lingcod, or rockfish, you need to start with quality lures. Lighthouse Lures has a wide variety of saltwater fishing lures for sale from spoons to electronic lures to swimtails and bait holders. No matter which combination works best for you, we have the colors, sizes, and combination packs that can fill up your tackle box.

Mix and Match Hoochies, Swimbaits, and Spoons

Fans of Lighthouse Lures love our Mega Bite Jigs as their go to rockfish lures. The perfect combination of weight, tail action, strong hook, and brightly colored bait fish makes it drop right down to the beds which grabs the attention of fish. Grab a combo pack loaded with a variety of pre-made lures or scroll through our great selection to find the size and colour you are looking for.

Fish Deep with Our Saltwater Fishing Lures for Sale

Our customers shop at Lighthouse Lures because they know that we specialize in saltwater fishing lures. Some of our products even include a flashing LED that can keep shimmering underwater for up to 120 hours. Others are coated with UV or glow so that it will be seen at all depths. You will be pulling in a catch worthy of stories and pictures to share out on social media.

Surf through our online catalog and place your order with just a few clicks. We ship anywhere in the world. Our lures are suitable for any deep water saltwater fishing expedition. Rockfish lures can be used in the waters of the North Pacific, or the waters of the Texas Gulf, or even in the clear blue seas off of Florida.