Jughead Shaker Hootchie pre-tied rig is a trolling lure comprised of a high quality hootchie accompanied by a “Jughead” action-izer by Jughead Shaker. The action-izer gives the hootchie a sporadic swimming action that fish find irresistible.  When equipped with a Jughead any hootchie will dive, dart and corkscrew with the lifelike action of injured prey. This triggers the aggressive response of any predatory fish species such as salmon lingcod, trout, musky, pike or halibut. The pre-rigged Jughead Shaker Hootchie was developed in classic colour patterns with a proven history in effective saltwater salmon fishing and paired with UV/Glow to make it ultra-visible at any depth. These rigs are most effectively fished when trolled at 1.5-3.5 knots.

If you choose to fish this hoochie behind a rotating flasher please use 6 feet of leader line to get the best action on the lure. Use a shorter leader when using a inline flasher. 4 feet is recommended.


The colour patterns are

  • Army Truck Glow
  • Chartreuse Ultra Violet With Glow
  • Green Double Glow
  • Green Spatterback Glow
  • Ultra Violet Purple Haze
  • Ultra Violet White

Jughead Shaker Hoochie Rig – Army Truck Glow