This is our biggest swim bait the 24oz Mega Bite Goliath Swim Bait. Use these 11 inch monster swim baits to reach deep depths of up to 400 feet. If you are worried about fishing deep and in stronger currents this is the swimbait you need. Extremely effective for large Lingcod, Halibut, Rockfish, Snapper and many more large predator fish. Mega Bite jigs are extremely durable with extra strong bodies and hooks. Have fun catching with these swim baits.Latest Review"Only one trip for 2 hours in heavy current. Limited 5 guys out no prob. All fish between 15-40 lbs. it was rough so didn't get any footage. Can't wait to get them out in March. Those jigs are amazing though. Extra weight is a game changer for bigger fish and heavier current/deeper water."  Kevin ThornePrince RupertAvailable in White Russian and Glow Hurricane

24oz Goliath Swim Bait - Glow Hurricane

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